Omaha Home Addition

jim_jill09Thinking of expanding the square footage of your home? Trust the professionals at Blair Construction to oversee your Omaha home addition project. Whether it’s a bedroom, garage, rec room, or sunroom, adding a home addition is a serious undertaking that can add value and use to your home without the expenses and hassle of moving to a new home. As families grow and lifestyles change, many Omaha homeowners realize that their current home simply doesn’t have the capacity to meet their space needs. Rather than selling your home to buy a larger one, consult the remodeling experts at Blair Construction to learn how a home addition might allow you to save money, stay in your Omaha home, and customize your space to fit your lifestyle. We offer free quotes on all Omaha room additions and home addition projects.

A home addition in Omaha requires professional planning and expertise– to begin, city zoning codes need to be considered whenever you’re adding square footage to your home. Nothing is more frustrating than falling in love with a home addition design, only to learn that it is prohibited by local ordinances. The professionals at Blair Construction have extensive experience in home addition projects and can ensure that any room additions are completely compliant with all zoning codes. Moreover, our remodelers construct home additions that blend seamlessly with the style and structure of your existing home. Whether you’re building a new bedroom, wine cellar, sunroom, or second story addition, there should not be a clear distinction between the old structure and the new. At Blair Construction, our room additions are designed to create the feel of one cohesive home that is customized to fit the unique needs, style, and budget of each customer. Our contractors can extend the original roof and foundation and integrate home utility systems to accommodate any new addition. We also work to match both interior and exterior style elements, like windows, flooring, crown moldings, siding, roofing and trim. When your home addition project is finished, the line between the old structure and the new will be virtually indiscernible.

jane04As Omaha remodeling contractors, we have all the necessary skill and expertise to design, execute and finish any room addition project. Virtually any home addition requires remodeling to accommodate a new structure. To create a more spacious, luxurious master bathroom, you will have to remodel the existing room in addition to adding square footage. Even if you’re adding on a separate room entirely, it will require remodeling professionals to provide access to the new room and connect the new utilities and structure. Talk to a professional- often our contractors can find the extra space you need with a traditional remodel rather than a home addition! When you find your home lacking space and amenities, don’t leave your house– improve it! Home additions are a brilliant way to customize your home, reclaim your space and add value to your house without the hassle of moving. Reimagine your home with help of Blair Construction.

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