Omaha Custom Deck Construction

buschardts4Our Omaha deck builders design, construct, and remodel stunning outdoor porches, patios and decks for homeowners throughout the Omaha area. From patios to pool decks, our deck construction services create custom outdoor spaces that are uniquely designed to fit the style and needs of each individual client. More homeowners choose Blair Construction because our professional remodelers work closely with you to learn about your budget, style, and remodeling goals, and then collaborate to create a deck design that is perfect for you. Whether your backyard simply has a plain patio slab or deck that you don’t love, the professionals at Blair Construction are ready to take your backyard to the next level with our custom deck building services.

Old, outdated decks are not only visually unappealing, they can also pose a safety hazard. From wood slivers to broken steps, old decks can be dangerous especially for families with children. When you remodel a deck with Blair Construction, you can choose from a wealth of beautiful deck materials and trust the safety and structural integrity of your deck. A well-built deck creates new living spaces for Omaha families to enjoy throughout the year. Outdoor living rooms combine the comfort of indoor furnishings, stylish decor, and protection from the elements, with all the fresh air and natural sunlight of a patio. Whether you are looking for a low patio, a full backyard deck, or custom deck that works with other landscaping features, such as a backyard pool, the Omaha deck builders at Blair Construction will turn the deck of your dreams into a reality.

paben07From fire pits to barbecues, a backyard deck creates the perfect space for living and entertaining outside throughout the year. At Blair Construction, we build decks that combine form and function; with intuitive design that maximizes space and comfort, our decks also add visual interest by matching the style of your home and reflecting your personal taste. Many run-of-the-mill deck construction companies neglect the aesthetic design of their structures. At Blair Construction, we build decks that are the envy of the neighborhood. Mix and match a wide variety of woods, metals, and colors for your deck materials, and customize the deck level and stair placement for a structure that adds both use and beauty to your home. The difference between your average deck and a custom deck from Blair Construction is craftsmanship, expertise, and style. When you partner with us for your Omaha deck building project, you can rest assured that your deck design will reflect a natural extension from your home that is customized to suit your needs and budget, not just a cookie cutter design like every other house on the block.

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